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C A S H M E R E   N A T I V E S   W H O L E S A L E   N U R S E R I E S

112 Hackthorne Road, Cashmere, CHRISTCHURCH.

Telephone (03) 3372051  Fax (03) 3372051

Mbl 021 2269434

e-mail: leonamay@nzplants.co.nz

A specialist team approach to Garden Restoration and Renovation and Outdoor Property Maintenance


Creative garden designs and Landscaping Plans

Nursery of New Zealand Native Plants suitable for both background and feature plantings

Stump munching and tree removal

Clearing and restoration of overgrown sites

Construction of pergolas and garden features

Installation of sprinkler systems and low maintenance gardens

Small ‘problem areas’ in the garden a speciality

Propagation of ecosourced materials for all types of revegetation projects

For a Free Consultation and Appraisal without Obligation phone Leona Murahidy, Veyland Gardens on (03) 3372051 or Mobile 021 226 9434

Nursery Hours Mon – Wed – Fri 8.0am – 4.0pm

Sat & Sun    12.0 – 4.00 pm